Lets Make Them Stop The Killings Of Baby Seals

A harp seal pup clings to the ice in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, perhaps because its mother has been bludgeoned to death
A harp seal pup clings to the ice in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, perhaps because its mother has been bludgeoned to death

I recently got a barrage of emails from almost all the Animal Charities that I support about the impending doom facing baby seals this year. For those not aware of this practice, I’ll explain in more detail. Every year the Canadian government allows hunters to kill seals older than eleven days. This leads to young seals getting brutally beaten with picks and wooden clubs till they lose so much blood and die. sealkillingmustbebanned

Even more sad is that Seal Hunting is still considered a normal practise in many parts of the world. According to Wikipedia, “Seal hunting is currently practiced in nine countries: Canada, the United States, Namibia, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Finland, and Sweden. Most of the world’s seal hunting takes place in Canada and Greenland. Canada’s largest market for seals is Norway.”

For this clearly barbaric act to still be a thing in 2017 is heart breaking. This year, the cull has gotten dramatically, horribly worse. Normally the seal hunting season is closed while seals give birth and begin raising their pups. This year, the Canadian government opened the killing and murder of innocent seal pups to the hunters on March 28, 2017, allowing the brutality to take place earlier, and at a time when the babies were still suckling from their mothers. This means that undernourished pups will die in the icy waters, while their mothers have been bludgeoned to death by hunters. That this is still going on in our supposed civilised world is beyond words.

This barbaric act began not long after European settlers established a commercial seal industry in Canada in the early 1500s. Back then, business was booming as seal oil was sold in the Old World for use as a machine lubricant. And later, demand for newly in-vogue fur meant that hundreds of thousands of harp seals were killed each year in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and off the coasts of Newfoundland and Labrador so North Americans and Europeans could drape themselves in sealskin coats.

Today, though, the Canadian seal industry looks like a shell of its former lucrative self, with demand for seal products declining . Yet the Canadian government continues to push for its justification, citing its cultural and economical importance.

So this is a call to gather all Compassionate humans around the world. This is a call to stand up for helpless & vulnerable seals everywhere. They do not have a voice but we do. They cannot boycott companies who use seal oil and seal fur, but we can. They do not have hands to write to their governments and demand a stop to their murder, but we do. And finally, they cannot stand in the streets to protest their unjust and unprovoked killings, but we can! Its time to stand for what is right – Lets fight and stop the killing of Seals now!

How you can help:

  1. Participate in the Canadian Seafood Boycott 
  2. Add Your Voice. Join the list of growing Campaigns fighting against this horrible trend.
  3. Spread the Word about the Seal Hunt to at least 3 people and tell them to pass it on to another 3 people. Governments don’t change things, we the people do!


A scared seal looks up at a Man holding a gun to his head.